A disaster struck your company. Which processes and activities are key to your survival and what do you need to achieve that resilience level? We are supporting you in analysing, then preparing countermeasures, workarounds and plans to remain operational. We are also helping with publishing requirements to your suppliers and IT-department.



IT is an angular stone for most organisations. How do you resume when seriously damaged?  Let’s engage together, translating your business needs into actionable IT roadmap proposals up to creating DRP and exercising your IT-Continuity Plans, showing evidences that you newly implemented arrangements fit the purpose.


Your defences and cyber-security barriers have been compromised and the enemy has entered your fortress. What is your plan? Solutions here are specific and usually different from those deployed to operate Disaster Recovery Plans and guarantee your IT- and Business Continuity. You and us will setup appropriate protection and dedicated arrangements that will exactly answer your needs.



Using ISO-22301, ISO-27001 and NIST frameworks as references, we are assessing your plans, processes and exercises, giving you feedback on your current capabilities, or supporting you with your certification process.

We 're also keen to act for you as internal or external auditors, e.g. to assess your partners and suppliers capabilities.



You can’t afford to staff (part of) your continuity initiatives. Or you don’t know where to start with? Let’s engage together for driving your projects to success. Managing a Business Continuity Program with us will make your organisation part of the survivors. We can deliver according to "traditional" Prince2 methodology or (SAFe) Agile approach.


Sometimes, only to-the-point guidance on specific topics, or increasing the knowledge and expertise of your own staff and management teams is needed.

We are offering ad-hoc support, sharing our expertise and industry best practices through executive briefings, awareness sessions, workshops, brainstorming or ideation sessions.





Synergit has been founded by Christian De Boeck. Christian is a seasoned professional with resilience and continuity written in his DNA. He comes from the academic world where he earned a PhD in Science. Over the last 2 decades, Christian has endorsed the roles of business continuity consultant, solution architect, project manager and IT service continuity manager. Christian is member of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and certified ISO-22301 auditor. Synergit is Christian's realization of his belief that all together we can make the world a better and safer place.

Synergit’s mission is to increase the resilience of individuals and enterprises, and enhance continuity in the respect of the existing eco-systems of our clients for their sustainable development.


To support and implement this vision, Synergit relies on a network of experienced consultants. Within this community, we value human interactions, collaborative approach and experience sharing. We are constantly looking for creating value by building bridges across universes, e.g. facilitating communication between technicians and businessmen, (re-)connecting departments and companies, porting existing solutions and concepts to new areas of applications.

We are delivering the right expertise for the right time at the right place. Our goal is to be there for you when you need us, and to provide you with the right tools and knowledge that will support your growth in full autonomy. 




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